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All case study packs are delivered as downloadable pdf files with case studies, exam-style questions, and suggested answers

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About these resources:

These unit case study packs contain fictional case studies designed for practice and assessment on Paper 2 of the 2022 and 2016 International Baccalaureate Business Management exam, so be sure to choose the packs that are linked with the version of the syllabus you want.  New and updated packs will be released throughout 2022.  Every IB syllabus content standard is covered at least one time by a case study, and all purchased packs contain exam style questions and extensive suggested answers.  See the recommendations below!

Click below to download a sample case study on Section 1.5 - Growth & Evolution (New syllabus, first exams 2024)

Click below to download a sample case study on Section 4.4 - Market Research (New syllabus, first exams 2024)



All sales of these digital materials are final.  


"These case study packets are very detailed and valuable tool for any BM teacher. It is great how Collin has different case studies for each topic of the unit with detailed answers. These have been huge help in my preparation for BM classes and in preparing practice exams and worksheets."


"Collin’s case studies are great. They have been a huge help in my IB business management prep. He provides interesting case studies for all of the unit content with a detailed answer key. Highly recommend." 


"This is a really great resource that has already saved me ton of time! It can be so hard to find case studies that only test students on what they know in the first unit, and these case studies are geared for each chapter of the I.B. Business Management course. I have paid a lot more for resources that were not half as useful as this pack was. I can't wait to use them for other units as well!"


"To anyone considering making a purchase, just do it! I took advantage of the offer on the bundle of exam questions, units 1-5. Easy and secure payment, instant download (PDF) and more than one full exam style question for each topic. Mark scheme is straight forward. As it’s for questions based on Paper 2, it has a 10 marker for each subunit. Great resource. Plus as they have been written by Collin, they don’t come with hints of which websites they are from, making cheating less likely. Thank you so much, saved me hours of P&P."


"I've been teaching business management for the past four years, and I wanted to reach out to tell you that the cases make an excellent complement to the course: They're well thought out and are clearer in their answers and methodology than other resources that I've used in the past. Best of all, they don't go beyond the content that students are currently on. With this in mind, your cases are great for assessing specific domains of knowledge, and are an excellent complement to exam-style cases, which address topics from the entire course." 


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