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Liquidate Everything! is an excellent waste of time.  It's a card game in which players are presented with business scenarios and then play their cards to fill in the blank for how to respond to those scenarios.  There should be a heavy emphasis on responding in the funniest/worst possible way to the business scenario. 

Frequently asked questions

(that no one has asked yet)

Wait.  Isn't this just like [some other game that someone else has already created and is quite popular]?

Yup.  But I contacted their legal team and they're totally OK with alternate versions as long as it isn't done in a way that creates confusion in the marketplace and makes it seem like they made Liquidate Everything!  You can't copyright gameplay, so legally we're good.

Will students learn something if we play this game in class?

Absolutely not.

Is it inappropriate in any way?

No, I don't think so.  It's just good clean fun.  But if you don't like some of the cards, then just don't use them.

Is this game only for IB Business Management?

No.  A lot of it has little to do with the IB BM syllabus.

But some of it connects to the IB Business Management syllabus?


Will we have fun if we play this?

I mean...I sure hope so.

How does the game end?

Whenever you decide to stop playing.

Is this really free?



Why not?

I thought IB Biz was all about writing case studies for IB Business Management classes.  Why did you make this game too?

I don't have a great answer for that.

Can I make up my own cards that are better than yours?

Yeah, please do.  There's a limit to my creative genius.

Did you just use Chat GPT to make these cards?

No.  I did ask Chatty McGPT to help me a few times, but it wasn't very good at the subtle nuance and style of humor.

I don't like the IB Biz logo on the cards. Can I just cut those off?

Yeah, why not?

Can I send this to my friend Jimmy?

Sure, if you think he'd like it.

What is happening with these FAQs?

I don't know.  I'm just sort of on a roll.

How will I know if a card is funny?

Follow your heart.

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