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About Me

My name is Collin Libassi, and I'm the man behind these IB Biz resources.  I've been teaching since 2008, starting out in South Korea and Kuwait for almost a decade before moving back home to the US.  I have been teaching in IB schools since 2013, both in the Middle Years Program and the Diploma Program. 

When I first started teaching Business Management, I was frustrated by the lack of case studies that were appropriate for testing on the content that students had learned within each unit, particularly in their first few months of the course.  While the prior IB Exams are great for unit quizzes and tests, the problem is that they so often hit on a lot of concepts that students haven't learned yet.  The ideal scenario for me would've been to have a few case studies on each syllabus content standard ready to go for practice or assessment.  After a few years, I decided that my best solution was to write some myself.  If one of the first rules of business is to find an opportunity, then this seemed to be a great example - here's a need in the IB Business Management world that wasn't being adequately met.  I kind of got carried away when I started writing the case studies, and ended up writing 93 for the 2016 syllabus, and now more for the updates to the syllabus in 2022.   I hope you find them as useful as I have in my classes!

Contact Me

For any questions or concerns about my content, please email me at:

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